Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Mannequin Phone: That's Gold on Storage Wars

Everywhere in the country, Americans take advantage of storage units to place all kinds of possessions, but when they stop paying the bill, the storage facility can legally auction off the contents to recoup some of their loss. That's where this hit A&E series, Storage Wars, comes into play. Will the buyers find gold amid the junk?

This latest episode had the eager bidders gathering in Riverside, California. One unit intrigued both Barry and Jarrod, but it was Barry who won the trashy looking goods that were inside. Fascinated by boxes that had markings like "Elvis stuff" written on them, Barry was certain it was gold.

However, it turned out to be a bunch of collector plates that sold well, but weren't the goldmine Barry had hoped. He also discovered an old moonshine still valued at a few hundred dollars, but not the thousands he'd assumed it would be.

Dave Hester has this really annoying 'yep' that he shouts out when bidding. His goal is to intimidate, but all he really does is annoy with the bellow. He paid $1,300 for locker he wanted bad, but merchandise quality was lacking, and it turned out to be 'dust', which I have to admit I rather enjoyed. It felt like a bit of payback.

Darrell purchased a unit that included a mannequin phone. Now that's something I haven't seen before. That unique piece of gold sold for $2,000, giving him a huge profit.

Gold or dust, Storage Wars is always an adventure.

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